Wreak a Little Havoc and Mayhem on the Darkness Around you

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The turkey is deboned. The Leftovers are all put away and I’m contemplating swapping the fall décor I’ve had up for the last two months for Christmas décor.

This Thanksgiving week I’ve had much to be grateful for. Fake Mexican Robert Francis O’Rourke is now officially a three-time loser. Yea!

My state is safe with a decent governor. Whew!

(I'm not being sarcastic, I really was deeply relieved when Abbott won by such a wide margin.)

My life is peaceful. I have a hope and a future. We even had some family over for Thanksgiving. Biden’s tax hikes have shrunk our celebration but not cancelled it.

It’s healthy to take a break from it all, take stock and just be grateful for what you have. If you have the opportunity to enjoy some family time and good food then you are doubly blessed.

I can’t think of anything nicer. At the beginning of this holiday season, I encourage you, take a break and assess what you truly need for your wellbeing.

I say this because, as much as I’d like to make this a feel-good post, I feel the need to say this truth- Thanksgiving Day marks the beginnings of the holiday season… and the peak time of year for depression and suicides.

Please, if you feel lonely, please reach out and connect to someone around you. Plug into a church. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Whatever pain and/or loneliness is attacking you right now, fight back against it by reaching out. Don't necessarily reach out for help, but to give help.

Whatever you’re dealing with, I promise, there are people who need you, who need what you have to offer. Whatever pain or loneliness you’re going through, it can end, but you don’t have to.

Are you in pain? Are you lonely? Give thanks. Give thanks to God for what you have. Is what you have small? Praise God for that small thing.

Until you learn how to be grateful for little, he will not give you more. Don't focus on what you don't have. Praise him for what you do have.

Praise Him. Thank Him.

Gratitude is medicinal. Gratitude is healing. Praise is powerful.

Showing gratitude is biting down on the snake of despair that is trying to strangle the joy out of your life. Don’t let that snake of despair kill you!

Don’t let it take you without a fight!

Bite the snake!

There is real evil in this world. This force of evil wants you sad and complaining, depressed and lonely. He wants you too wrapped up in your own self pity to do anything about the grip of evil he has on this world.

Submit your life to Jesus. As a child of God, when you lift your hands in praise to him, you wreak havoc and mayhem on the hold the Destroyer has on this world, sending him into fits.

Complaining and gratitude both use the same soul muscle.

One use of soul muscle will leave you bitter, lonely and miserable and spreading that despair on those around you. The other use of soul muscle will leave you fulfilled, hopeful and joyful in all circumstances. This grace under fire is something the evil one cannot stand because the world sees this and it shines a light in his darkness, and he hates the sons light. Push back on the dark; Lift up your hands in a worship attack.

Make no mistake, the people below, they are at war.

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