Things that Make me Cringe-

Updated: Nov 8

Today I decided to pick on my favorite Fake Mexican, Robert Francis O'Rourke, full blooded Irish American. Enjoy ;-).

I completely agree with this meme. Every time I see one of those BETO signs I give a little cringe that people who vote for the O'Rourke walk among us. I pray the Lord convict their hearts and save their souls.

FYI- In case you didn't know, the O'Rourke did try to flee the scene of a hit and run back in 1998. He'd been drinking with dad that night and was waaay over the legal limit with a .134 blood alcohol level. The legal limit at the time was .10. No worries for him though, his judge daddy got him off.

While a teenager the O'Rourke became a member of a hacking site, "...notorious for releasing tools that allowed ordinary people to hack computers running Microsoft’s Windows." While on this site he created his own message board named "Tacoland". Guess that's how he thought of all the Mexican- Americans living around him.

On this message board he wrote about how he fantasized about killing small children at a crosswalk and how fun it would be. Here's a couple of links from liberal news outlets trying to let him off the hook for this-

No wonder he's all for nine month abortions.

Below are two articles about how he has no problems with, as one author put it, "...scrambling children in the womb." (His words not mine). When I hear people speak so casually about abortion I wonder at how they can think like this. How is it possible? Haven't they ever seen a sonogram?

O'Rourke has three children, was he not moved at their kicks inside the womb? Did he never see one of their live sonograms? Did he and his wife not pick out names before their births? How can you not care about so tiny a life? Then I remember a set of verses about people like him. He believes as he does because he does not fear God. Because of this, he does not have a problem with shedding blood, or lying or bringing ruin and misery to those around him. When you don't fear God, you don't have anything holding you back from being evil.

You know what the scariest thing about this creep is? That with all this in his background, he was still able to get a job as a college professor in El Paso. That is disturbing to consider. Why did they hire him? What were they thinking? Who would want this man in a position to have anything to do with influencing young minds?

People have underestimated the influence of teachers for far too long. In any other job your influence reaches minutes, hours, but the influence of a teacher, good or bad, lasts for generations.

To some extent the impressions of a teacher are more influential than that of a parent's due to the sheer number of children they come in contact with. I shudder to think of the thought seeds planted in the young minds he came into contact with.

For too long charmers like him have lulled people into a false sense of security with their clean cut hair, confident smiles and charming manners. There's a verse in the Bible, Proverbs 31:30 about how charm is deceitful....

The scary thing is, he and so many of his ilk seem to actually believe the garbage they spout. Deluding yourself is truly the scariest delusion of all.

I'm saying all this because in the United States of America we have the opportunity to legally overthrow the government every few years. This wonder is called an election. This is the opportunity we have to make our voices heard. This is no time to be apathetic, this is the time to take advantage of our Constitutional rights.

Go early, go Tuesday, go vote.

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