Things that make me Giggle March 2022

Today's post is made of funny little stories I've found on the internet that made me laugh. I hope they will make you laugh out loud as well or at least crack a smile. Enjoy!

Sadly I did not draw this comic, but I like it! This is so me. Lol!

I love these kinds of simple bubble drawings that are made to feel so cute and relatable.

Oh, for the love of soft fluffy comfort.

"Meep Meep"?

So he sounded like a V.W. Bug? Lol!

Oh, this would be embarrassing.

Lol! That is hilarious!

Oh, one of those moments you regret the words the moment you say them.

Oiy. That would be weird.

Ha! I hope it really was 2021 when he posted this.

To the last two all I can say is-

Oh the agony...

How Embarrassing!

Oh, when your brain betrays you...

Oh, that could get you fired...

Lol! Only a church kid would even think to say something like that!

That might get a complaint lodged against you.

Lol! Well, if your brain is blipping, it's cathartic when you see someone else's is as well. Ha!

This is a tale of a girl who's used to wearing her boyfriends clothes which leads to this mini saga of mortal embarrassment.

No one would make this up.

That's what makes it hilarious.


I sincerely hope this person is not a lawyer or law enforcement and it was just an attack of nerves.

Oh, the cringe factor on the last three here... we can laugh and thank God it wasn't us who did/said these things.

And the piece de resistance! -->


My condolences to the poor pooch.

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