Things that make me Giggle June 2022 Edition: Just Laugh

Sometimes things are so bad you want to cry, when really, you’re just better off laughing at the sheer absurdity around you. So I’ve decided to laugh.

You may have seen on the news how in Fake Mexican Beto O Rourke’s hometown of El Paso, Texas he is catching a lot of flak (as well he should). He's running for governor, (Which further shows his idiocy) and a lot of people such as myself who are Hispanic are more than a little annoyed by him.(Like Seriously) Besides having the terrible mental health condition of being a democrat, he has the unmitigated gall to try and pass himself off as Mexican American.

One day I'll do a post about the story behind this flag. It's Awesome!

FYI - His real name is Robert O’Rourke and for him to try to mislead the public and pretend to be Hispanic is insulting. You can’t give yourself a Spanish nickname and pretend to be one of us!

For purposes of this blogpost, I am calling him R.O.R. for his real initials.

That was the first thing that ever annoyed me about the man. Since then my opinion of him has only worsened. He put the cherry on the top of his pile of poop when he had the gall to heckle the governor, Sherriff and several local officials in Uvalde while they were holding a meeting after the recent tragic shooting. That was the nail in his coffin as far as I’m concerned. There is a time and place for everything and that was not either. He doesn’t really care about the tragedy. He and his cronies saw a chance for free publicity and a photo op and took it.

The man, (and I use the term loosely) has no compassion, no decency and no shame.

Even the thought of that twit being the governor of Texas makes me either furious or physically ill. (Depending on what I’ve eaten).

Love this El Paso Couple!

Sometimes in life you have to either laugh or cry at the insanity around you. So regarding R.O.R. I’ve decided to laugh- at him. ;-D

This couple has the right idea. For those who don’t know, Pendejo is a Spanish word roughly meaning “Idiot” but a lot more rude.

These Beto: Fake Mexican- Real Pendejo shirts as pictured here are quite popular right now, as are flyers with the same image and font. ;-D Yea!

I remember when I first saw this logo on a shirt and thought it was an act of genius. This saying has been going around for years now, but putting it on shirts to sell was an act of sheer genius. I have it on good authority these shirts are selling big right now all over West Texas.

Yea! ;-D

Click here to enjoy an Awesome 3 minute video-

Tejano Rancher who told off R.O.R.! Rock it dude!

This guy really has the right idea. In the middle of a R.O.R. rally in his hometown of El Paso, this guy, who identifies himself as a rancher named Robert, approached him at a rally pretending to be a supporter. When he was shaking R.O.R.’s hand was when he dropped the bomb. “On behalf of all the farmers and ranchers I just want to say, get out of Texas! We don’t want you here!” He kept on with this vein of shouting while the crowd (about 30 People) shoved him aside and pushed him back. He kept heckling the Wannabe Mexican, finally pulling out a "Come and Take It" flag while shouting the classic Texan Chant. I originally found this video on YouTube but in the months since this incident happened it has seemingly disappeared.

My First Drawing of a Real Person

I wonder why?

Fortunately I found several dudes I follow online who have done reaction videos to him and in this way it is still visible for the world to see via YouTube. (see link above).

This guy is awesome and I love that he is Tejano! When I first saw this video I laughed out loud, pounded the table and smiled all day!

I drew his portrait because he deserves it. Preach Hermano!

(My apologies for the inaccuracies in the drawing. In my defense this is my first time drawing an actual person).

Then there is this lady, Danuta Danielsson-

I love the slack jawed guy in the background! Lol!

I first saw this woman’s story in an art blog and I was transfixed. This photo tells the story of Danuta Danielsson, a 38 years old housewife in Vaxjo Sweden. This iconic photo was taken in 1985 during a Neo Nazi rally. Everyone else in the town was afraid when they saw those men with swastikas on their jackets. Most of the townspeople stayed inside or at least out of their way as they marched down their streets.

When Danuta, a Polish Jew, whose mother had survived a Nazi concentration camp and herself grown up in war ravaged Poland, saw those skinhead fascists parading through her town, she snapped. She wasn't afraid, she was mad! She took her purse and slammed it over the head of the nearest skinhead and, by some accounts I’ve read, kept going at him.

The statue of Danuta Danielsson in Vaxjo Sweden.

A photographer was there to cover the march when he took the legendary shot. In the days before social media, this photo went viral! She was hailed for her bravery to stand up to a Neo- Nazi who stood for nothing but hate.

Her smackdown that day set in motion a chain of events that later led to the Neo-Nazis expulsion from the city. Years later a small statue was erected in honor of her bravery.

This is how much respect fascists deserve. This is how you deal with pathetic wannabe big shots who like to bully those around them: you laugh at them. You ridicule them. You point out the flaws within their arguments and beliefs and joke about it. Cite real evidence and shred their arguments.

Never be afraid to defend yourself against tyranny. (Danuta Danielsson)

Never be afraid to speak out for what is right. (Tejano Rancher)

Never be afraid.

P.S. – In case you feel tempted to go feeling sorry for the Nazi wannabe, saying he was just a misguided kid or that violence is never the answer, I should mention that he was later convicted of torturing and murdering a Jewish man that same year.

Dude had it coming.

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