Things that make me Giggle August 2022 Edition

For this month I decided to post videos that made me laugh.

Click the pics for the funny videos of which I speak.

The first is this lady, she's hilarious.

She describes herself thusly- “Private Figure. Deinfluencer. Taco Denialist”. She is Canadian therefore I will forgive her taco denialism. Poor thing, she’s probably never experienced true taco-y deliciousness.

Anywho, This 2 minute video had me cracking up in laughter at it’s oh so, so, so painful truth. Her monologue has a finesse and humor I find painfully lacking in the world today.


The 3 minute video below is hilarious on another level! I wish I’d have thought of this. Sadly, I did not, but I approve nonetheless. She’s doing a parody of the little mermaid song “Part of this world”. I give you for your viewing enjoyment, “Far from this World” by What’s her Name.

She’s on Rumble, YouTube, Instagram and you can support her on Patreon. Honestly, being in Canada, I’m surprised she’s still able to post anything at all considering her subject matter.


Something else I found was this collection of videos making fun of Biden, China and everything in between all done to the tune of the song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the Disney movie Encanto. (FYI- I'm considering another post about Encanto later.) These videos are so hilarious and politically incorrect, I’m genuinely surprised their still up on YouTube.

I just hope and pray that none of these talented musicians have mysteriously disappeared or died.

I'm not being sarcastic. I mean that very seriously.


This 1st link is a lyric video of the song as it was played in the movie. I don’t think you can appreciate the full humor of these videos without being at least passingly familiar with the original version which, I have to say, was great all on its own. That people would make parodies of it was a given. Though I’m sure it burns up the Disney Execs to see it used to make fun of their boy in the white house. Cue maniacal laughter from me :-D


Allow me to explain the context of the song within the movie. One daughter asks various relatives about the black sheep uncle who ran away from the family years before, and is then explained in song by said relatives why they don’t talk about Tio (Uncle) Bruno.

This parody is from the Babylon Bee and is an act of sheer genius. I grinned for hours after binge listening to it. The title is, “We Don’t talk About China.


Then there’s this little gem below entitled “We Don’t Talk About Brandon” or EncantJoe with a photo shopped image that says it all.

And I love this diamond in the rough by Maestro Ziikos in which he spliced clips of Trump, Pence, Biden, Cackling Kamala, Obama and more singing the song “We Don’t Talk About Sleepy Joe.” Personally I think he missed prime opportunity and should've called the song, "We Don't talk About Creepy Joe". It would've been more apt.

The montage of clips is so reflective of the original movie I just smile every time at the creative genius of it.

Chaouch Zakaria a.k.a Maestro Ziikos is awesome. (Don't blame him for going an acronym.)

I love them all. Therefore I desire to spread my joy and laughter.

Don’t you love satire? Don’t you miss comedy? I do. I find myself aching for something genuinely funny to laugh at. I listen to my classmates and teachers talk and I want to roll my eyes, groan, scream, cry or hit someone. When I make the mistake of turning on local news I cringe. When I’m stuck listening to the dying dinosaur that is CNN while waiting in a lobby, I fight the urge to throw up or throw something at the screen.

But since I am a rational adult I’ll settle for laughing at them. Challenge their ideals at every opportunity. Don’t let them rest from their fear of what you’ll say next. Don’t be complacent; call them out at every turn. Silence is taken as submission. Let your opinion be known lest the haters around you think you're one of THEM… dun, dun, dun…

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