Taking my Mask Off and Taking a Risk

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I’m going to share with you two stories so you understand my feelings about wearing face- masks.

First there was the, “Bus Incident”. I don’t have a car; I use the bus to get around. The local bus systems here in Corpus Christi order you to wear a mask while on the bus. They won't allow you on the bus if you don’t have a mask with you, even if you’re the only passenger. So I grit my teeth and wear the thing. To understand this story, you need to understand that when the buses run, they’re very noisy, it’s difficult to have a conversation, especially when wearing a face-mask.

One day on my way back from school, I was in my seat on the bus, wearing my mask like a good little mannequin, when the driver picked up another passenger outside of an apartment complex. I was texting at the moment, but I looked up when the chill wind hit me and noticed the new passenger was an Arabic looking woman in a full headscarf and wearing a medical style mask like I was, the colors of both blending into each other so that she looked as if she was wearing a burka from the shoulders up. When she saw me, her eyes lit up. She smiled and waved. I waved back at her, wondering why she was being so friendly. I knew I’d never seen her before. She sat in the same row as me, smiled again, pointed at my phone and pulled out her own and began texting with smiling eyes, as though we were sharing a communal moment. I wondered why she was being so friendly, then it dawned on me. I’ve described in a previous post how I am racially ambiguous, and that day, I happened to be wearing a black hoodie with the hood up and a black medical style face-mask.

I realized at that moment, she thought I was an Arabic Muslim like her!

I stewed the rest of the trip home.

At least she was nice about it. Something.

Ever since that day, I decided- I was done. I have avoided wearing a mask like the plague ever since. That was a month before the mask mandate was lifted.

After the mask mandate was lifted, I was overjoyed. That weekend, I went into the local Sprouts on Airline. I’ve been a weekly customer there since I was a teenager so the employees all know me and I know them.

That day, as soon as I walked in, some new guy who I had never seen before, stepped in front of me and asked me if I had a mask. I told him, “Oh no, I’m good.” I kept walking. He stepped in front of me again and told me I needed to put on a mask while in this store, that it was the store policy to wear a face mask while in their store, that as a private business they have the right to ask their customers to wear a face mask while shopping in their store. He was not being apologetic or even polite about it. Despite his face mask, I could see the stranger had this stupid plastered on smile that didn’t reach his eyes. No, he had said his whole spiel so fast and practiced I knew he had to be corporate. My mom stepped in before I lit into him. I pulled my face mask out of my purse and put it on while I walked around the corporate mouthpiece. He shouted his thanks at me for my, "cooperation". I shouted back much louder that he was NOT welcome. My mom and I had wanted to go in and look at some special they had on fancy chocolate bars. She tried to distract me but I was furious. If the Sprouts Corporation was going to be THIS paranoid to get some rude mouthpiece to berate customers as they entered one of their stores, I could buy my chocolate somewhere else. We left that day buying nothing and I haven’t been back since.

I despise wearing the hijab, I mean mask.

Can you tell?

I especially hate wearing a mask for a disease that is so stupid it can’t see you when you sit down. Go figure. Click the pic here to see a stand up comedian making fun of Covid. It gave me a much needed laugh.

People keep saying , “Follow the science.” What science I wonder? In all the research I’ve done since Covid hit I have not seen one study that is agreed upon with any level of consensus by the scientific community. Everything is still being vigorously debated and nothing has been settled.

Okay, now that I’m done ranting about masks, now onto vaccine passports - an idea from the PIT OF HELL! Revelation 13:17 anyone?

Before you blow me off as overreacting, keep in mind that these kinds of, “passports” are the same types of social control incentives the Chinese Communist Party uses on its citizens to keep them in line. Without these proofs of your cooperation with what the government wants, you cannot buy or sell or enter certain buildings or participate in certain activities without proof of vaccination. The Army has already begun with the exclusion of the unvaccinated. I’m worried about how long it will take for the powers that be to get to the rest of us.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered from reading this blog post so far, I am defiant by nature. I will NOT be taking that shot.

I’m on the side of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I don’t trust the people who are making these vaccines. If it ever becomes law that I cannot continue classes due to not being vaccinated for this pandemic or the next, then so be it. I am taking my health into my own hands. Click the pic above and below to check out RFK's organization website .

I am taking my mask off and taking a risk.

I’ve even found a theme song for this time in my life.

It’s called “Cages” by We the Kingdom.

Believe it or not, they made this song before the pandemic. Here’s a hint to why I love this song- pay close attention to the lyrics. Click the pic below to enjoy. ;-)

If you don't want to take the time to listen to this amazing song, (in which case shame on you), here are the lyrics.


What if I got real honest

What if I took a risk

What if I opened up my heart And let you see in

What if I took my mask off Trying to fit in

I don’t wanna be a mannequin

What if I let my guard down

What if I took a breath

What if I wasn’t perfect What if I was just a mess

What if I bled my soul out Given all I could give

I’m so tired of pretending

I’m coming out of my cages

I’m stepping down from my stages

I’m sick and tired of faking it

What I wouldn’t give to be known

What I wouldn’t give to be known

What if I got new armor

What if I swung my sword

What if I face my demons Like I’ve never done before

What if I hung my banner What if I chose a side

What if I knew I couldn’t lose this time

Coming out of my cages

Coming out of my cages

Oh, oh, oh I’m coming out

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