Something to make you Giggle ;-D

I thought my last few posts were a little heavy. So for this post I decided to go for something more lighthearted. So here is a little something to make you giggle. Enjoy!

It’s Monday.

I hate Mondays.

It was a busy day today.

So now I feel the need to laugh.

And eat chocolate.

So I looked up some random things I had saved from my desktop and phone under the title, “Funny Stuff” just to make me giggle. Then I thought, why not share this? So here is my selection of funny things that I hope will give you a giggle for the day. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

A friend texted me this meme awhile back and I burst out laughing. We both love cats so seeing this dude so out of it was hilarious.

This pic just encapsulates the very essence of “MONDAY”, don’t you think?

In the pre-covid world I saw this shirt hanging in a book store and just stood there in shock. Right there on a dinky shirt in the middle of a used book store was an article of clothing that had my entire life story summed up in one sentence. How is that possible?

Carefully read the description in this pic. I saw it at an estate sale, among a handful of art supplies and thought it was so awesome. You can see at the bottom of the display it says it was made in 1984. Just stop and consider the world in which this funny little display was made; in the early 1980’s, computers and technology were just becoming integrated into everyday life. Science fiction was able to go off of more fact than fiction. The Supreme Court ruled had just ruled that private use of home VCRs to tape TV programs for later viewing didn’t’ violate federal copyright laws.

So making a point (no pun intended) about what a revolutionary piece of technology the pencil is, was very timely.

I found this postcard in a Wall-E awhile back and laughed out loud at it’s only mildly exaggerated descriptions of our great state.

Note the similarity of the, "house pet" to the, "snack".

Personally, I don't really mind if out- of- staters think this of us. :-D

Why is it that only men’s shirts have the cool sayings? They never make them in women's sizes. I’d love to have a shirt that says this that would actually fit me. ☹ Sigh.

P.S.- Note all the small writing on the bottom. Besides the Carnivorous message on the shirt, that last line just makes it for me. ;-P

A teacher whose class I enjoyed very much had this taped to the door to his office. I don’t know what 80’s speed metal sounds like, but I can imagine…. 😉

I saw this adorable little set displayed outside of a house I was going into that had a garage sale in the back. They were just so cute! :-}

I mean c'mon, who even thinks to make something like this? I could picture these being cute little cartoon characters.

A whole clay pot family whose job it is to grow all the family's herbs.

Hmm... that does sound cute.

This photo is actually of me.

I was with some family members visiting the River-walk in San Antonio and they had this short pillar thingee right outside the mall there. It was about the same size as me with a perfectly even flat surface that was just begging to be climbed on.

So of course I obliged.

Anyone who's in the know about Disney Princesses will recognize these girls. This is some fan art by Amy Mebberson called Summer Days where some of the Disney Princesses say what summer means to them.

For those who aren't in the know, left to right, you see Princess Tiana hugging Cinderella, Elsa with a melting dress, Moana wondering what the difference in seasons is, and on the far Right is the great Princess Leah saying what Summer is to her.

And I don't think I need to say anything about this last pic, do I? ;-)

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