My Two Cents-

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

My Two Cents-

Well, 2021 has started out with a bang. I dearly wish that were not a literal statement.

On January 6th my last hope to have my concerns heard in this latest election came and went with nothing good coming out of a special session of Congress or that ridiculous mob trashing the capitol building in DC.

In the days after I was wondering, what do I do now? I’ve been fasting and praying about this election’s results since September. So Lord, why have you let this happen?

These are frightening times we’re living in where censorship is common and accepted. With this incoming administrations ideals I am genuinely afraid for my own future. I’ve never been quiet about my religious or political beliefs, so what’s going to happen now that people like me are considered a “malignancy”? Will I really have to take an oath disavowing my politically incorrect beliefs? Will I be forced to take a shot I don’t want or need if I want to stay in school or keep my job?

Since January 6th, I’ve been listening to Eric Metaxas’ posts on YouTube. On January 8th he interviewed someone who did more than just state events that I had already seen happen live, this guy actually said what to do about it. His name is Kevin McCullough. He’s a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and author based out of New York City. These facts shock me because after a minute of listening to him, it was plain the man is a hard core Christian.

Throughout the forty minute interview Eric Metaxas did with Mr. McCullough, they both made statements that I believe were worthy of sharing. I’m including a link at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in hearing the whole interview for yourself.

Kevin McCullough- “The left wing democrats have won this battle because they acted with foresight and planning.”

Get involved, if you don’t care about it, it may get stolen from you and we may have just seen that in these last elections.” (Mr. McCullough was talking about Liberty).

We are not only the subjects of a sovereign God, we are also stewards of freewill that he gives us and when we don’t exercise that will, we have a way of undermining what is good and healthy for the rest of society and the culture. We have to take responsibility and ask God: ‘What do you have of me as I go forward? How can I be more educated? How can I communicate better with other people that are involved in these matters? What should I do?’”

Find this and other great cartoons and articles at:

Metaxas- “When you divorce your faith from your politics you are being double minded, you are not being Biblical.”

Kevin McCullough- “There are Christians even in pulpits who are leading people away from where truth is on this, (involvement in politics), the truth is a Christian’s walk in life involves politics, parenting, making good life decisions, etc. We have to apply our faith because it’s the biggest deal in our lives and touches everything or it’s a complete myth and holds no importance whatsoever, but there is no middle ground. For Pablum digesting Christians, we need to move out of that arena and get into the hot or cold because that’s the only place that we fit.”

Metaxas- “To be clear is perhaps the greatest of all virtues. Clarity is more important than unity. To be clear is to get to substance and facts that lays the groundwork by which you can communicate further. “

People are asking what do we do now?

Kevin McCullough- “For the next 4 years, call balls and strikes as they come at us. I don’t like this, here’s why. Stick with facts and don’t lose your credibility. Only speak what you can prove. Don’t go into vitriol or be vindictive or go into rumor. We are called to be messengers of truth no matter what arena we are in.”

McCullough says about Biden's being president - “God is asking us to walk this valley and to follow and trust him and maintain our character in the process. America is no greater than anyone else but for God’s grace. If the church is great, then the country will be great. If the church is weak, then the country will be weak.”

Metaxas- “Many people including myself saw Trump as a Cyrus or Jehu figure; a disruptor. Not quite of our tribe but nonetheless leading in a way that American patriots had led in the past, many of whom did not have the faith you or I share.”

It was so strange that Mr. Metaxas should say that. Back when I first voted for Trump, I was praying that very thing of him- that he would be like Cyrus, king of the Persian Empire who God used to return the Jews to their homeland and even gave timber and equipment to Jeremiah to rebuild the temple of God.

“This is what the Lord says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of…I will strengthen you, though you have not acknowledged me so that from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting people may know there is none besides me. I am the Lord, and there is no other.” – Isaiah 45: 1 & 6.

We know historically, Cyrus was far from a perfect King but he was still used by God to accomplish his purposes. I believe the same is true of Donald Trump. He was used by God to accomplish his purposes.

Mr. T aside, I will be doing what Mr. McCullough advised and ask God what he wants me specifically to do. I will work on refining my ideals and decide ahead of time what to say and how to react when dealing with someone who disagrees with me. I will also be keeping up with my local politics more than before. I may not be able to do much, but I can do something.

I think if we all do a little something, we can all do a lot.

My first prayer for the New Year:

Lord, give our nation courageous leaders like the men of Issachar who understand the times and who know what we need to do.

-My own prayer for our nation based on 1 Chronicles 12:32.

For the full interview of Eric Metaxas and Kevin McCullough on January 8th-

Here is another clip that I think encapsulates how we should react around people who disagree with us.

Denzel Washington is such a great actor. How did he not win an Oscar for this performance?

P.S.- If you're going to watch this interview I suggest doing so quickly. Mr. Metaxas has already been booted off of Twitter and his Facebook page has already been censored. Since Facebook owns YouTube, he may have his channel deleted completely soon.

Censorship, oiy, what is this, Cuba?

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