Little Stool

So, here's this little guy.

I bought it Pre- Covid at a garage sale for $1. It was pretty unsightly, besides dirt and cobwebs, there was black, orange and red spray-paint all over the seat.

(I forgot to take a pic before I put the Citristrip on. My bad.)

In case you don't know, the Citristrip is the orange goo you see on the top.

I bought the little stool because despite being banged up and ugly, it was still sturdy. None of the rungs were loose. It wasn't wobbling when I tried it out.

2nd pic is post Citristrip. I went on to use my favorite orange goo on the legs and rungs before I did a light sanding. (it seriously needed it).

It was sometime later I began the fun part of this little up-scaling project- the painting.

I chose a light gray chalk-paint that had beautiful coverage.

I was going to leave it at that but then I thought it seemed a little- plain, and I couldn't resist.

I busted out some old stencils I'd found several years ago when I went all Marie Kondo on my house. They had cute little starfish and seashell designs.

Finally, it was finished. I'm going to try selling the little guy for $20.

I think it'll go nicely in a child's room or a beach style house.

I still have to give it a protective polyurethane coating, but all in all this little project is pretty much done.

I think it turned out pretty cute. Whatcha think?

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