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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

As I write this Hurricane Hanna is giving my lawn a nice little watering. The skies are dark, the drizzle is on, and a British murder mystery is calling my name.

But it also reminds me of a sunnier time, back when the only time I wore a mask was when I was sanding a woodworking project or tearing out carpet.

Oh, for the good ol' days.

Awhile back I finished this and am kicking myself for not sharing it with you guys. So here I show you, my Little Shelf.

Originally the paint was as thick and white and tacky as the cabinet door

besides it. It took several layers of Citristrip to get the gloppy mess off.

I got this little thing off a guy at Craigslist who was gutting his kitchen and had the leftover parts thrown under a canopy in his backyard. I bought three cabinet doors and what was actually a huge old drawer. I have no idea why anyone would have ever had a drawer this big in their kitchen but through the thick, tacky white paint I could tell, this was solid, hard wood. Once I attacked it with my beloved Citristrip, it looked like what you see above. (I forgot to take a 'before' photo of the drawer. My bad.)

So after multiple layers of Citristrip and sanding, it looked like this. Isn't the grain of the wood so pretty? Why on earth did anyone ever paint over this lovely wood grain?

Here is a little collage of the building process. I'd heard of using a ball to check for level on a shelf and found it to be fairly accurate. (I didn't have a level at the time.)

It took a lot of measurements and remeasurements but I finally got the shelves into place and level. I used finishing nails to hammer them in from the outside with a nail set and wood putty to cover the head. I used an old school bit and brace I found at an estate sale to bore a hole into the back for electric cords. (Had to do that part twice. I used the wrong bit the first time. Heh, heh.) But it was still cool to get to use it.

In the center picture you can see where the drawer pull used to be.

When I was done, the finished product looked like this. I added two pieces of the same wood over the edge of the plywood shelves to give it a nice, finished look. Plywood is tough and sturdy, I like it a lot, but I don't like the look when the edges show.

Don't you love clean lines on things?

This is it after it's staining and several layers of polyurethane and sanding, in other words, the finished product.

I had to leave it out in my garage to wait for the smell of the poly to dissipate and when it finally did, the finished product turned out great. It fit on my old TV shelf and held my dvd's just right.

In case you're wondering, yes that is an old night stand I'm using to put my TV on and yes, that is an actual VCR. I've had some of VHS tapes since I was four and I'm not giving them up.

For the more observant of you, you might notice those DVD's are 'Superbook' episodes on this lovely little shelf.

It took a lot of work and sweat, but it was worth the effort. The abandoned old drawer, turned into a cute little shelf beautifully.

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