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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

There is something you should know about me. I love writing. I love story. Whatever the country or culture, place or time, show me their myth and legend and I will show you what that people thrived off of, what was important to them, what values they held dear.

The following is the prologue to a novel that I have finished based on the woman spoken of in the book of Isaiah.

Prologue: The Ruin-

Even as she ran she could hear the monster wave hit the coast more than 100 miles behind her. This couldn’t be happening. How could two disasters be happening at the same time like this?

She had barely made it through the checkpoint without being trampled to death, the noise of the water crashing along the coast making the people panic and turn into a mob. She ran for the open gate in front of her where armed guards were ushering people inside. Everything on the news had said that they would keep the gates open until the very last second.

Surprisingly, they were being true to their word.

She was running full out, feeling every ounce of the weight of her duffel bag. Suddenly another sound grabbed her attention. It was faint, how she heard the cry for help it in the middle of all this chaos, she would never know. She didn’t dare come to an abrupt stop in the middle of a crowd of running people like this, but she managed to run sideways, to the very edge of the crowd, where she heard it again. She had been picturing someone fallen over and trampled but when she broke from the throng, she saw that it wasn’t anyone in the crowd who was calling out, it was someone from the other side of the fence.

It was a woman. She wasn’t bothering to try and get through the now fallen over checkpoint, where the crowd was trying desperately to squeeze through. Instead she was standing, just on the other side of the chain link fence, holding something over her head. Siah realized she was holding up a baby. She was shouting, trying to get someone’s attention. Siah ran sideways through the crowd and ran to her. The woman saw her coming from a long way off and Siah could see her eyes come alive with hope. She didn’t know what she could do but she would try.

“Please, can you take my baby?!”

Siah dropped her bag.

“I’m begging you please.”

“Yes. I can climb the fence and get your baby, and then you can climb over too.”

“What? How? The wire…” her voice trailed off as she saw Siah take out a set of wire cutters from her bag. The woman wept with relief. Siah climbed the fence and slowly, painfully, began to cut the razor wire. She really needed a pair of bolt cutters for this gauge of metal but her little tool would have to do. If she had more time, she’d just cut a few links in the fence and make an opening for the woman to crawl through, but with this gauge of metal and this small a tool that could take an hour.

They did not have minutes.

She finally managed to cut through one link that held the wire in place, her hand was killing her from the pressure she had to use but it was working. As soon as she cut through the second link, she shoved the wire over. The woman climbed the fence and carefully handed the baby to her through the opening, awkwardly wrapping the sling over Siah’s neck so she could climb down. It was awkward but she made it. Her fingers were killing her as she took the baby sling off, set the child on the ground and re-climbed the fence. If she could just cut two more links in the wire, the mother would be able to climb over.

She went to work and squeezed as hard as she could. She could hear people off to the side, still pouring in and running for the caves. In front of her, she could see a crowd behind the mom who had realized what she was trying to do and were waiting right behind her. Some were shouting for her to hurry, others were cheering her on. They knew as well as she did that with the bottleneck at the entrance this was their only hope. Finally, Siah took a breath and thought. She needed more leverage. Climbing the fence even higher so that her face was right in front of the razor wire and she was several feet off the ground, she used both hands and tried again on the same spot she’d been working on. At this angle, not holding onto anything, when she finally broke through the wire, she would fall backwards and if this piece of wire followed the pattern of the rest, she would be slashed in the face- but she had to try. Her whole body was quivering with the effort; her arms and legs starting to spasm, but finally she was feeling the thing give a little. Suddenly she felt someone pushing her through the fence. She looked down, shocked to see that it was the mom. She lost her balance and barely landed on her feet and hands.

“What are you-?”

“Stop! You have to take her and run!”

“What?” She looked up and gasped. She could see in the distance the wall of water coming for them! The woman threw her pack over the fence.

“You have to take her and go!”

“NO! I can-”

“There’s no time!” The woman banged the fence. She grabbed the links and put her face as close as she could get to Siah.

“Take her! Run! Please!” She was right.

She hurriedly put the baby sling over her shoulder.

“All her information and supplies are in the bag.” Making sure the child was secure; Siah strapped her own pack on her back and picked up the baby bag. For just a moment, she locked eyes with the woman. Turning her back on that mother was the hardest thing she had ever done. She heard the woman cry out as she bolted to the entrance.

“Tell her that her mama loved her!” Siah heard her sob. She ran as fast as her load would allow, gripping the baby close to her chest. There were still throngs of people pouring in through the entrance at the gate, everyone running for the door.

“Run! Hurry!” The soldiers were shouting over the din. She saw several people laying on the ground, the crowd trampling them in their panic. Siah saw a man on the ground in front of her and jumped over the body. She could only pray he’d known Jesus in life. She was so close to the entrance she could see the soldiers in the control towers manning the enormous gate. She was horrified when she realized it was moving! It was shutting! For them to do that meant the tsunami was right behind her. She didn’t dare look back. The soldiers who had been urging people to hurry a minute before were gone. They must’ve ducked inside.

Siah willed her adrenaline to kick in, she was almost there but the huge gate was still closing on her, like some enormous cruel hand was shutting salvations door right in front of her. They couldn’t shut it now, not after all this! What about her? What about this baby? Her mama had given up her only chance at making it. It couldn’t end like this! She never stopped running as she looked to the control booth overhead. For just a moment, she made eye contact with a man in the control gate. He looked in the distance, then back at her. She couldn’t be sure but the closure of the door seemed to slow down a bit. Summoning all her strength she made it to just beneath the overhang.

“God, please…” She pushed herself as hard as she could go. Suddenly someone shoved her. The diaper bag flew out of her hand. She barely managed to land on her side, curling herself around the baby as thunder boomed over her head.

A deathly silence enveloped her.

Everything went still.

She opened her eyes. They’d made it inside. The baby was looking at her with big gray eyes. She tried to get up but couldn’t. Her duffel bag was pinned. Slowly, carefully, without letting go of the baby, she shed the straps, got up and looked at the gate she had barely made it through. Others were doing the same. That noise, it hadn’t been thunder, it had been the massive steel door closing almost on top of her. It was actually pinching the fabric of her bag.

She looked down at the red duffel bag, then into the face of the baby in her arms. They had made it in by a hairsbreadth. Whoever had shoved her, whether an accident, or on purpose, had saved their lives. The baby seemed unhurt; she knew she would have bruises from the fall.

She became suddenly aware her hands were wet. Had the baby wet on her?

No. It was blood. Her hands were slashed and bruised all over. The razor wires… she knew she’d been cut, but it had been worse than she’d thought. She was bleeding, badly.


To be continued. ;-)

Please tell me what you think of my first fiction post.

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