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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

As I write this, it is Good Friday 2020.

Due to Mr. 19, this Sunday will be the first in many years that I have not gone to church for Easter. It's a sobering reminder of the time we're living in.


Why do we call the day Jesus was killed, Good Friday?

Shouldn't we be calling it Bad Friday or Horrible Friday or Tragic Friday?

The results of that horrible day were good for us,

but tragic for the one who earned our redemption.

Then today I read a blog post by Steve Laube that he entitled, "Dark Friday".

Now that's a fitting name for this day.

The post is an intense prayer that I cannot help but admire.

Take Me, Break Me

(a prayer)

by Steve Laube

Take my eyes, Lord,

Strike me blind.

Then heal me, Lord,

That I may see with Your eyes.

Take my hands, Lord.

Crush every bone.

Then heal me, Lord,

That I may touch with your tenderness.

Take my ears, Lord.

Deafen me.

Then heal me, Lord,

That I may hear with Your sensitivity.

Take my feet, Lord.

Amputate without hesitation.

Then heal me, Lord,

That I may walk only on Your path.

Take my tongue, Lord.

Sever it.

Then heal me, Lord,

That I speak only with Your words.

Take my life, Lord.

End it


Then resurrect me, Lord,

That I may have life only in You.

Hear my prayer.

-Steve Laube


To see it as it was originally posted, here's the link-

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