I've never Before Wept with Joy

I make it a rule to never cry at movies, tv shows. I decided there is enough real life tragedy and/or beauty in the world, so I refuse to cry at fiction. It takes a lot for me to just tear up. If I do, that’s saying A LOT for whatever I’m hearing/ seeing. I’m telling you this so you understand the depth of how moved I was yesterday morning when I turned on one of my favorite podcasters to get my news for the day, (I don’t listen to any kind of mainstream media).

It was there in those first few moments of this podcast that I heard the news; Roe v Wade had been overturned. It marked the first time in my life I have ever wept for joy. Besides being garbage law to start out with, Roe v. Wade’s biggest flaw was that it showed the sheer incompetence of basic biology on the part of the U.S Supreme court justices at the time. It should’ve been overturned decades ago when the science of sonography went into mainstream use, let alone when the science reached the heights of precision it currently has.

Since 1973, this curse has been upon our land and it has finally been lifted. It has been too long in coming.

See here the awesome 3 minute song by Matthew West entitled "Unplanned”.

It was used for the 2019 movie of the same name.

When I first saw the opening scene of Unplanned, I admit I did tear up. I figured since this was telling the story of a real death it was okay to allow myself to cry. I have a link below to the opening scene which shows what an ultrasound abortion looks like. The scene is only 4 minutes long but not one you are likely to forget.

Stopping this is what we’re fighting for, what we are praying for.

Some are saying this Supreme Court decision will result in huge societal upheaval, that there will be violence in the streets over this. I have no doubt there will be. But it will be short-lived upheaval.

Click the photo of the cutie for a 2 minute news piece from 2015 about a brave church in NYC. I love their sign. Note at bottom is a quote from the great Alveda King.

Ah, 2015. Good times those were. They'd never get away with that sign nowadays.

Those who are proponents of dismembering mostly black and brown babies inside the womb and sucking out their parts to put into jars to sell to research labs will eventually get over their loss in court; just like their grandparents got over their loss in Brown v. Board of Education when they were stuck going to school with black and brown kids.

Yeah, there were protesters outside when Ruby Bridges walked in and out of school each day under armed guard, but you know what? The fanatics got over it. And they will get over this too. Eventually.

For me the subject of abortion has always been a very personal one. Before I was born, my dad left. It wasn’t the first time and it wasn’t the last. This one time though my mom was heavily pregnant with me and needed something, so she called around looking for him. When she called his mother, she told my mom, “Just have an abortion and leave my son alone!” Then hung up.

You can see what my mom chose since, you know, I’m here.

:-P Thanks mom!

This sweet 5 minute music video is what John Elephante of Kansas fame made about his daughter’s near abortion.

Don’t worry, I promise this one is sweet :->

Years later when my dad came over for a visit, I got up the courage to ask him about this. I will never forget what he told me. “Well Annie, you have to understand, by the time your mom had you she already had a bunch of other grandkids so…” he just left the sentence hanging and shrugged. He couldn’t even look me in the eye as he said it. I got up off the swing I’d been sitting on and went back inside. That night I realized, that was all I was worth to my father, a shrug. That was the beginning of a hard lesson that took me years to fully comprehend:

My worth is not dependent on my father’s opinion.

My worth is not determined on his mother’s opinion.

No one’s worth is based on anyone else’s opinion.

The worth of a life is the price Jesus paid on the cross, anyone who says otherwise is lying.

If this is the worth God puts on a life, shouldn’t we as humans give life, at minimum, the protection of cultural belief, of the law?

Shouldn’t we be arguing on behalf of those who have no voice?

Nearly 50 years since our nation began a new level of sin, 60 million tiny lives have already been lost.

We have won a huge victory, but this war is still on.

We've struck a huge blow to the enemy, but now instead of one huge battle, we will have 50 small battles to fight.

Now is not the time to relax.

Now is the time to gather some new gear for a new battle.

Be ready.

About the above photos-How very tolerant of them, don't you think?

Very openminded and multicultural. (Please note my dripping sarcasm).

They just love death and darkness don't they?

Kinda like someone else I know... see Ephesians 6:12-13 at left.

Personally, I'd rather see more of THIS-

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