Happy Resurrection Day!

Today is Awesome!


Because today is the day when the mission that was begun on Christmas was completed in complete victory- Easter Sunday.

It feels weird not going to church today.

Good thing we don't actually have to be in a specific building to worship.

Despite the disruption of Mr. 19, I hope everyone had a memorable Easter Sunday.

Mine was really nice.

I texted with several friends and I got to hang with my mom and nephew and we barbecued together.

It was great!

The grilled peppers and onions were my nephews idea. I had him rub them in a little bit of pork fat before putting them in the grilling basket to cook.

I had to pay careful attention to the hamburgers, the grease really kicked up the fire and I had to shut down the vent in the bottom to control the flame.

Also my nephews idea were the jalapeno poppers.

I've never made those on a grill before so- he was pretty much on his own with those.

Cue innocent whistling.

The Fajita were my favorite. They need nothing more than salt to make them delicious.

Barbecuing was all the more fun because my mom did the prep and my nephew helped! Getting to cue with family and/or friends is always more fun.

(I'll still enjoy the meat no matter what but its always more fun when you have someone else to enjoy it with.)

I know it is an overused phrase these days, but I mean it in no trite manner to say, I am truly Blessed.

Me doing my happy dance.


Happy Easter everybody


Below are two songs for the season for your enjoyment.

Why do we only have so many songs for Christmas and no official songs for Easter?

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