Finals were a week ago and I'm still reeling.

I managed to finish both of the classes for this semester with A’s.


They were downright easy as far as college classes go. They were only time-consuming and intense with difficult work that I struggled to accomplish on deadline.

But the big difference between this semester with the Graphic Design major and the classes in my previous major, I knew I could do it, and I was wanted. My teachers so far have all been kind, polite, and actually helpful when I needed help.


So far the experience has been night and day.

And Honestly, these were some of the most fun classes I have ever had.

Half of my homework was drawing and painting! Ha!

The most difficult part of either class was the final for Design I.

There was no, “final exam” per se, we had a final, “project”. While finishing up our last homework assignment in class, the teacher handed out instruction sheets for our Final Project and left a stack of color printouts of various modern art pieces.

Using these printouts as the basis, we were to create imitations of these modern art pieces by, “Designing with Alternative Materials and Impermanence” by using, “Found Objects”. These, “Found Objects”, could be anything from food to trash, to rags, to laundry, whatever we could find that we could use to make a good imitation of the various art pieces we were allowed to select from.

From the selection we were given, I chose Broadway Boogie Woogie.

I know, weird name right? It’s a popular modern art piece by Piet Mondrian, a French artist who we liked making artwork using basic shapes and primary colors.

Broadway Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian

I got to work making my own version of Broadway Boogie Woogie by first blowing up the printout she gave us. Once I had it to what I hoped would be a manageable size, I set to work using it as a blueprint to cut out the various pieces I knew I would need.

I cut up what felt like a zillion little squares of scrap yellow card stock I had for the yellow blocks. I cut up some old red and blue felt for those colored blocks and an old gray T-Shirt for the pale blocks. I taped the printout I had made over a piece of plywood and wrapped it with some white packing paper I had and set to work setting everything I had into place.

Broadway Boogie Woogie in Paper and Fabric Scraps

It was as if I had made my own puzzle and now had to put it together for the first time. After all the days of prep, of measuring and re-measuring, of carefully cutting and re-cutting and trimming and experimenting, when it all came down to it, I finished putting the whole piece together in about four hours.

Considering what it’s made out of, it turned out pretty well.

My teacher gave me an A for the assignment (Yea!) saying I did a good job in changing the scale of the piece and that the, “Layering of different fabrics in my assemblage created a cool three-dimensional effect, especially the parts of the fabric that create a shadow.”

And I’ve only shared my experience with my piece. Here is some of my classmates work.

This is Cow 11 by Andy Warhol made out of food scraps. My classmate used the inside of a dragon fruit peel and bologna for the cow and ketchup for the face all on top of American cheese slices for the background.

Here is Foot by Alex Katz re-made using candy on poster board. Yogurt covered pretzels were used for the sand and gold gummy bears for the foot with one red gummy bear for the toenail.

The Green Cap by Alex Katz re-done using fabric scraps. Nuff said.

Pop Shop Quad II by Keith Haring re-done in pipe cleaners. Very cool.

It’s strange, I thought I would be sick of Broadway Boogie Woogie after I was finished with this final, but I find myself drawn to it.

There is a strange, complex beauty to this deceptively simple looking piece of art.

When you really stop to appreciate it, it draws you in.

I’m thinking I might make a quilt of it someday. :->

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