Fight the Cream

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I think my pastor likes grossing me out.

He shared a little parable in church the other day that has made me not look at butter the same way since.

Based off of a charming little children’s book, it’s a visual lesson that sticks. It’s the story of two frogs who lived in a pond close to a dairy farm.

Here’s how it goes-

One day two frogs traveled away from their pond and needing to keep themselves moist, they hopped into a pail of water. But to their horror, it was not a pail of water; it was a pail of heavy cream!

The walls of the pail were too slick to get a grip out of, the cream was too thick and heavy and deep to hop out of, and it was so hard to swim in.

One frog was hopeful, she thought if they just kept swimming they could think of some way out of the pail. The other frog was pessimistic; she saw all the obstacles and knew the situation was hopeless. After only a short struggle, she decided to give in and drowned in the thick cream. It broke the hopeful frogs heart when her friend lost hope and gave up, but the hopeful frog, she decided to fight.

“No,” she said, “I won’t give up. I’ll keep swimming and swimming until I figure something out, or die of exhaustion. At least then I’ll die content knowing that I fought with every last ounce of my strength.”

So she kept on swimming in that cream; and with every stroke in the pail, the cream thickened. It thickened and thickened until she couldn’t do even one single stroke more. She finally gave up and stilled, expecting to drown like her friend, then she realized, she wasn’t drowning. All her churning in the cream had turned the cream into thick butter! She just lifted herself onto the surface of the bucket of butter and hopped right out!

Her choice of having hope had saved her life.

My pastors point of sharing this story was this-

Depression and bitterness cannot live with chosen joy. Hopefulness is the same as joy. Our hope should not be in anything of this world, our hope should be in the Living God.

When we fall into pails of despair, heartache and tragedy, when this happens, (and it will), we must give it our all so we can die content knowing that we tried. We are to live lives that reflect our hope in something more than anything this life can offer us.

Our God cannot be defeated. Every child of God defeats the world by living in defiance of fear and despair.

John 17:10 shows the reason we are here: to glorify God.

The goal of our hope and faith is to glorify God with how we live our lives; in defiance.

O death where is your victory, O death where is your sting. - I Corinthians 15:55

We should be living examples of this as we struggle through the thick cream of life. This hopefulness should allow us to swim through the cream even when the situation looks realistically hopeless.

Keep swimming.

Keep fighting.

Don’t give up.

Live in defiance of despair by living with hope in the Living God.

Fight the Cream and you’ll Bite the Snake.

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