So, finals are done and I now know my grades. I took three classes this past semester

and I have 2 A’s and one B to show for it. Huge relief!

This is the black and white photo of the still life I had to draw.

So while this past semester was a rush, and I will write more on it later, I have come to a crossroads. If you’ve read my previous posts on this subject, I’ve felt for a long time God leading me to an artistic direction.

Draft 1 of Still Life

I wish God would have given me a more scientific bent. I would have loved to have gone into one of the sciences, but the thought of chemistry and calculus make me shutter.

I want to do something that makes me a good living, something I could just get a degree or training in and know money will not be a problem. But here I am, being led by God to be an artist and writer. In my head I'm thinking, "O Lord, why couldn’t you have given me a mind for higher level science? Why did you have to give me a heart for art and literature and a love of learning and even teaching to a certain extent?

3rd draft. If you look closely, you can see I drew the classroom reflected in the ornament in the center and the skull and sunglasses reflected off the bucket.

I've known for years I could get lost in a good story and lose myself for hours in my own writing, but this past semester I became lost for hours at a time in drawing class, my mind totally focused on the next line to be formed or section to be shaded.

Fourth draft. After this stage of the drawing, I decided I hated grapes.

I feel a little thrill whenever I learn something new or practice a new skill.

I feel my spirit soar when I’m tutoring a student and see their face light up with understanding of a new concept.

These factors and more are leading me to question my choice of major. I am seriously considering switching to an art degree for this coming semester. Then there is another question I am seriously considering; do I even need a college degree at all? An artist doesn’t need a degree, an artist just has to make art. A professional artist has to make a living off their art.

I'm sure someone moved those sunglasses in between classes. ':-(

I know I have artistic skill, but I currently lack technical skill. There is so much about the practice of art that I have no idea about. These past few classes I have taken have shown me just how much I don't know. I figure that’s the first step to learning. But can a really do this? Can I be a serious artist and writer who makes a living off their artwork?

I'm currently weighing my options.

God, where are you leading me? I’m kind of scared now. Don’t let go of my hand out here in the wild. It might be about to get hairy out here. Into the wild I go.

Final Draft. The drawing done, all that was left was to shade the background and that was what really made the foreground pop!

This last photo is of my final draft of the still life I was working on for my Final in Drawing I class. Believe it or not, out of all the objects I had to draw for this still life, the rusty chains, smooth skulls, juicy grapes, and square blocks, drawing that basket was the hardest part, but it was worth it. I received an A after all. :-) Yea!

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