1st Post of 2022-Things that Make Me Giggle

In honor of the New Year I’ve decided to put together a funny little post of things I’ve found that made me laugh. May they do the same for you. Enjoy!

This one is a screenshot of a conversation a grown man had with his 20 year old cousin who is lacking in life skills. I need say nothing more. Just enjoy the read ;->.

These two are by the great Charles Schultz. I'm such a sucker for Snoopy, he's just so cute :->

I laughed out loud at the second one. I'll never look at a waffle maker the same way again. Ha! :-P

You have to zoom in on the more detailed testimonial at the bottom of this one to truly appreciate the joke. I have been told it accurately depicts Russian Drivers.

The Family Circus is truly timeless.

I think this myself every year.

This one just needs to be read to be enjoyed. I'd like to think these two brothers had played twin tricks all their lives and had a pact to do this at each other’s funerals. I mean really, they had to. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! Best Funeral Ever!

This one is a reasonably accurate depiction of the current job market wouldn't you say?

Garfield and I have the same plans for New Years :-D

I hope these little clips brought a smile to your face. It’s been another crazy year and likely another crazy year to come. Brace yourself and be ready for it. Hold your life with an open hand. Cherish those you love, send flowers, mail cards, enjoy a good conversation. Take your laughs where you can get them. Hug those you love.

Life’s too short to carry grudges, bury those hatchets; it’s much easier to run your race without them weighing you down.

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